Make Sure You Are Grant Ready!

Here is a standard list of materials your organization will need to be grant ready.

Organization Information

History of organization including year established

Mission statement

Vision statement

Organization Facts/Statistics Sheet

(including values, philosophy, awards, stories/testimonials, accreditations/certifications)

Number of Employees (full/part-time)

Number of Volunteers

Target Population Served

  • Number served
  • Ethnic breakdown
  • Age breakdown
  • Socioeconomic breakdown
  • Geographic area

NEW 990 FORM information re: governance and fundraising ( registration for all federal grants (Central Contractor Registration needs renewed annually)

Financial Information

Annual Organization Budget(s)

current FY and previous FY (revenue and expenses)

Project/program budget(s) (revenue and expenses)

990 Tax Statements (current year and 2 years back if available)

Audited Financial Statements (current year and 2 years back if available)

Annual Revenue Breakdown (% by source of funding and/or amount)

  • Government
  • Endowment
  • Grants
  • Annual Giving
  • Individuals
  • Major Gifts
  • Program Fees
  • Planned Giving
  • Events
  • Board Giving

Fundraising cost ratio


501 (c) (3) determination letter from the IRS (renewals and updates)

Employer Identification Number (EIN)/ Tax ID #

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) # and National Information Management System (NIMS) registration

Annual Report

Current grants calendar

Calendar of Events

Brochures, agency publications, newsletters

Current Fund Development Plan and Funder/Donor Recognition Policy

Current Strategic Plan and Business Plan

Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws

List of accomplishments/awards

List of management staff and contact information

Resumes and/or job descriptions of current and/or proposed staff

Sample letters of support/commitment

Recent newspaper clippings, evaluations or reviews

Board of Directors Information

List of Board of Directors/Trustees members and officers, titles, affiliations and contact information

% of Board Members contributing to organization

Ethnic Demographics of Board Members

Program/Project Information

Program/Project descriptions

Logic Model

SMART Objectives

Evaluation, outcomes, performance measures

Current project/progran and organization budgets with budget narratives

Program space

Program staff

Program infrastructure

Future funding statement for sustainability (including list of pending proposals and/or awarded grants)

Resumes and/or job descriptions of current and/or proposed staff